Hello. I am Skeff :)

Born and raised in Brasilia, Brazil I spent my whole life breathing, living, and fighting for this beautiful sport called Soccer/Futebol/Futbol. I did not choose to play soccer, soccer chose me, and there was NOTHING that could separate me from the ball.


To say that I love the game is an understatement. 


I share a huge passion and superb appreciation for everything Futbol has provided and continues to provide me. From playing with only boys in the streets of Brazil and pursuing my dream to wear the yellow jersey of Brazil's National Team. I had the chance to play for an American University which gave me one of the best soccer experiences of my life, where I was lucky enough to be an All American and Hall of Fame inductee.


The support I had throughout the years motivated me to become a coach, and both as coach and educator, I hope to provide the best environment for girls to succeed and feel empowered from experiencing the joy of the game leaving the field thankful for the opportunity to be part of the most exciting and loved game in the world. 


After spending a season back in Brasil playing and coaching, I decided to take a new adventure in the World and experience something new. As right now, spring/summer 2019, I am playing (and coaching) for a Danish club in Odense, Denmark. New country, a new language, and a new style of playing, but the same personal goal: empower girls through the beautiful game. 


Thank you and enjoy.

Nádima Skeff

B.S. Health Sciences

M.S. Kinesiology/ Sports Nutrition

M.Ed. Youth Education and Leadership





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