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Don't change your dreams, change the World.

Updated: May 28, 2019

Nike's new campaign about Andressa Alves reaches the core of the soul and heart of Women's Football not only in Brazil but in the rest of the World.

To watch the video with English subtitles, visit Nike's Instagram page here.

Earlier this year, Nike announced a strong commitment to women's football around the world. Mark Parker, Chairman, President, and CEO of Nike, Inc, believes this summer will be a turning point for women's football due the Women's World Cup in France. Among sponsoring 40 of the best female football players in the World, being the supplier of 14 of National Team Collections, and additionally they just closed three-year partnership with UEFA Women's Football. Nike is also investing in the next generation at the grassroots level, delivering compelling and innovate products designs for women, and sharing with the World stories about players' childhood, like Andressa Alves and how the game change their lives.

I had the honor to share a room with Andressa Alves during my time with the Brazilian National Team. At that time, we were preparing and competing for the U20 South America Cup in 2010. I was twenty years old, and she was a fantastic, inspiring 17 years old player. Her hunger and commitment to the game amazed me from day one. What got my attention the most was not her amazing skills with her left foot and her ability to play literally anywhere on the field, but how often I would get to our room after exhaustive practice and she would be doing sit-ups and push-ups without hesitation. The fire in her eyes burned beyond Brazilian lands, so it did not surprise me when she became the first Brazilian female football player to join Barcelona and to wear the famed #10 jersey most recently while playing a historical match against Lyon for the final of Women's Champions League.

When Nike released this new campaign about her, I could keep from crying. Nike campaign was spot on. Andressa story is exactly what I have tried to share in this blog. The experiences and obstacles that female football players have to go through to perceive their dream to play sometimes seem insurmountable, but yet players like Andressa find a way to make it. Her story is very similar to the one I shared about Sissi, one of the best players in the World. Girls desire to play football in Brasil is unimaginable to most, and thanks to creative minds we solved the "no ball for girls" problem using doll's head as a ball.

After spending time playing and coaching in the U.S., and now in Denmark, I realize how structured and privileged those places are when developing players. My experience was very similar. Not only did I wish I was a boy to become more acceptable and blended in the sexist society that didn't allow me to play football, I would also make anything a ball, any place a football field, and anything as simple as flip-flops a goal. Doll's head, socks, tape, paper, water bottles, soda can... we would transform anything to a ball!

The most moving part of Nike's campaign with Andressa Alves is embracing her story and releasing a ball with a doll's face. Perhaps attempting to reach the public who assume girls only like dolls, and making football more "attractive" for those who deal with the dualism of Doll vs. Ball. The campaign video finishes with Andressa's statement, "Nothing against dolls, I just preferred a ball", and Nike's statement: Don't change your dreams, change the World. When the world plays against you, show them what a dream can do.

I am delighted to see how much the World has changed towards Women's football since I was a little girl dreaming about being like Ronaldinho. Although we are far away from what we deserve, I am excited to see how much more we can conquer together. More importantly, I am glad watching girls dreaming about being like Andressa Alves.

To watch the video with English subtitles, visit Nike's Instagram page here.

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