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On Patience

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

2 Tips To Go Every Wednesday

"Publish. Consistently. With Patience. Own your assets. Don't let middleman be your landlord. Yell at the Google for blocking your emails and hope it'll work eventually. Continually push for RSS and an open web. With patience.

Getting picked is great, when it works. Someone needs to be in the spotlight and it might as well be you.

In the meantime, catch your breath, show up and contribute.

It all adds up. "

by Seth Godin: Chasing the cool kids

"I am just as happy being patient as I am being proactive. The hard part is making the right choice. At the right time. Having to stay still when you feel like running, or having to sprint when you feel like meditating."

by Nádima Skeff

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