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On Questions

I. I have found that the better quality of a leader a person is, the better quality of questions they ask, and there is a relationship between the kind of questions you ask and the kind of questions you receive, and the quality of the questions you ask and the quality of answers you receive.

Focused questions stimulate creative thinking. (...)

There is something about a well-worded question that often penetrates to the heart of the matter and triggers new ideas and insights. (...)

Correct questions help to find ourselves and our mission.

By John Maxwell Podcast on Questions I Ask Myself as a Leader (Part I)

II. Perhaps it is not about overthinking everything, and more about the quality of your questions that develop the quality of your thoughts. "Give it a thought" is not enough, even when you do it frequently.

Have you ever analyzed your own thoughts to see what questions you ask yourself which orient your conclusions or actions?

"What did I ask myself before I did this? before I said that? before I felt like this?"

You can only go as far as your questions take you. Not only through asking questions to the World or to people, but also to yourself: you can only grow as far as your questions challenge you.

By Nádima Skeff

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